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New To Window Cleaning

Nick Hammett

Cleantalk Member
Hi Guys
Im new to window cleaning so any advice is appreciated ,
We have just added window cleaning to our cleaning business so now offer oven carpet and window cleaning ( we try not to be a jack of all trades ) .
I bought a brodex 650litre system , a gardiner pole and we have a few brodex brushes .
We have about 40 customers already who say they will become regulars on a 4/6/8 week basis .
My process at the minute is clean the frames , windows , then rinse down trying to get a wave effect .
So a few questions ,
Do you guys ever get water marks on windows and if so what would you do ?
Do you charge more for the first clean ?
How do you manage your diary ?
I want to txt people the night before but how would you guys with 750+ customers keep track ?
Thanks in advance

daniel crouch

Cleantalk Member
We don’t do domestic anymore but when we did there was no texting it was 4 weekly so we got 13 cleans a year and if there was no access to back they just got charged for fronts . There’s cleaner planner and like programs that keep track of your round but a book with paid or collect next to the number and date of clean worked fine for us for years . First cleans always more as many promise to remain monthly and just cancel . If you dig the frames out then re clean missing the tips and vents you should be ok . Learn to use tradition gear if you can not or you will look a little silly when asked to clean the insides .

Kevin Kirk

Cleantalk Member
Hi Nick - you sound like your in the same position as us.
We run a cleaning company and added carpet cleaning 4 years ago, and last year added on Window cleaning. We work from a trolley at present and are in the process of fitting one of the vans with dispense tank etc as we have the R/O set up in the stores.
We don't have a system for contacting the clients as we're still building it up - but the sending texts is getting a bit long winded the more we take on!
If you get any advice on which contact system to use - i'll probably jump on it myself.
We tend to charge more for an initial clean - unless its one of our cleaning contracted clients, as if they say they want regular they tend to mean it. Stand alone window cleaning customers pay double for first visit.

Nick Hammett

Cleantalk Member
Thanks Kevin , my friend told me to get a trolley system to start but I was thinking from the start I want to get as many customers as possible , on our first day last Tuesday we did 20 domestic cleans and ended up using 650 litres that day so kind of glad i didnt get a trolley system but then again im one who always jumps in 2 feet first . We have an ro aswell but at the minute im filling up the water from a large local comapany who charge £15 for 1000litres , Just for now . I am thinking the txt message might be a pain but for now why we can manage it I think it seems quite professional . Do you think you have had a good first year with the windows ?

Kevin Kirk

Cleantalk Member
Not particularly - but it's a small add-on side to the business at present. We do a lot of work for agents and landlords which tends to take over and they never seem bothered about outside windows!
textlocal is a good app for texts as it appears with your company name rather than a number and client can reply, opt out etc.
We're having a big push on windows throughout March & April so we'll see how we go.

paul jenkins

Cleantalk Member
Hi Guy's, Quick question on water fed poles with brush attatchement,,,,,,,,,,can any of you guys tell me if 50 PSI would be ok to go through a pole and brush for steam cleaning shop fronts, this is the lowest PSI i can go attatched to the pressure washer Thanks.

Jacob Ward

Cleantalk Member
@paul jenkins

I's that a window cleaning brush

Or a pole system for pressure washing ?

50 psi is lowest it can probably go
With any impedance to the.pipeline e.g connectors or even spray nozzles will increase the pressure.

Is your washer cold or hot supply ?


mariusz lybacki

New Cleantalker
Hello Nick
I’m running window cleaning Bussines for over 5years now
I always send a text massages day before -that’s taking some time but customers really like it. They have their own things to do and not always remember about window cleaning date . For me yes massages work really well
I have 350 regular clients so I can manage it - get used to it
We always Charge extra £10 for first clean on a 2-3 bed house as first clean take always ore time
With the water marks you need to make sure you rinse a top frames first and then clean glass and rinse a glas only , make sure your water is 100%pure as this may be a reason for water marks also
I hope that helps

Daniel Paton

Cleantalk Member
Gardiner do a lot of good stuff like the slx poles but i personally think their brushes are poop and dont stand up to regular use as good as other companies. Im using x-line at the moment with fan jets and love it.
I dont text unless i need a gate unlocked. Keep your water at zero and rinse well and you wont get spots. If you do its technique at fault. Not cleaning vents or frames properly are the main culprits. Keep the psi up too without blasting the window. I find a rinse bar or fans much better than pencils but thats personal preference. A rinse bar you can rinse with the brush on the glass. Anything else and it should be taken off the glass to rinse. Although with experience and technique it can be done on the glass.
First cleans are always charged at a premium in case they cancel after it. The ones not prepared to pay it are generally the messers though.
On a first clean i do the whole window including vents moving round the house then go back to where i started when they've stopped dripping and quickly do glass only.
Good luck