Newbies any advice plus builder clean

Luke Holdsworth

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Hi guys my wife and I have started a cleaning business looking to do domestic commercial and builder cleans any advice what so ever is greatly appreciated.
We have just been offered a builder clean for a new 4 bedroom house and was looking for tips on pricing e.g average price for a 4 bed builder clean etc. Please be gentle

Luke Holdsworth

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Thanks for your reply I've had a look but some is quite old etc so was just looking for more recent advice if possible

Dan Woodhead

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Get your pricing right from the very beginning. Don't go in too cheap as it will be expected and then when you do raise your prices clients will start shopping around. Within your hourly / day rate you need to cover all your expenses, earn a healthy wage and make a little profit.

Treat EVERY client as a V.I.P.
Treat EVERY job as if your business depends on it.

Remember that any one client could be the client who becomes your biggest publicity agent, who refers you to the next big client.

Be professional.

Trevor Ives

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It depends on how long a piece of string is in your area.
Very difficult to be specific as it depends on your potential client base.

Basically you have to work out your hourly/daily costs with everything included.
Then add a bit for your profit. And don't forget that certain jobs will entail extra expense for special procedures.
It is not easy to do but is essential for costings.

Joe Hatton

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Never done a builders clean, which is done before the house is handed over to the sales team to hand over to the purchaser. Then before handing over to purchaser there is normally a sparkle clean done.... I have done many of those. Builders cleans are not normal in as much there will be lumps of plaster on windows, ledges, baths, the floor etc, all will need removing. No doubt other tough tasks. I cannot put a price on it, but definitely more then your normal house clean.

Pete Plumb

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Hi Luke - we have completed loads of build cleans - we usually supply 3 cleans
Initial clean
Re clean and sparkle - we have also for small developers supplied a handover pre clean

The initial clean usually the most time consuming ( Windows inside/ out, frames etc
Recleans - targeting missed areas -
Sparkle - in depth clean All areas, all fixtures/ fittings

Pricing- National Builders will want a price per unit - ie 1 bed, 2 bed etc etc
For the site - don’t under price !!
We have had situations at the sparkle stage where the sealant guys have gone in and re sealed say the bathroom !! Or painter touched up !! - these need to be considered when pricing

Regards pete

William James

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Hello Pete, is there any advice you can offer on pricing? Per sq Ft Or a flat rate.

Iv recently quoted some new build AP at
2 bedroom £58
1 bedroom £55
Studio £50

Personally I feel like I have Underpriced the job a lot due to the amount of work, the builder is still hesitant

Joe Hatton

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He is probably hesitant because of your very low price.
That is a very good point Trevor.
I was asked to quote initially for cleaning a show house and a sales office. One site local to where I lived and one site about 40 miles away. I sent the quote off, then got a phone call from the sales manager (a lady). She said “I have a problem with the pricing”. I thought here goes, knocking my price down. She said “you are too cheap”. Carrying on she said “I want you to do the job, but if I take you on at those low prices you will stop after a few weeks, and I don’t want that”. So we agreed a new price.
That was very nice of her. The site local to where I live lasted about a year, the one 40. Lies away lasted almost two years if I recall correctly. Yes we did the show house and sales office, but went on to do the Sparkle cleans, never the builders clean.

Wez Westwood

It sounds like basic advice, but you need to view the property to assess for yourself. In your mind you need to calculate each room and the work/time involved, then base that on how much you want to earn per room. Do this for the whole property. Then total it up, add a bit on top for delays, normally somewhere between 5% - 10% of total sum