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Nick Robertson-Vousden

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For All those getting into or already into the cleaning of hard floors

A new and revolutionary product and first in the world in slip resistant products.

Courses dates to be confirmed for 2006 at Innovations House,Bodmin Cornwall Home of Solution UK

Course cost £500

And you get to take away an amazing £497.50 worth of chemicals and application tools CD Colour Brochures and Operations manual the number of delegates is limited at this stage to 25 and training is to be proveded by the Canadian Manufacturer.

Currently a number of High Street retail chains are opening contracts for the provision of anti slip full gloss finishes to there stores,



Gary Holland

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I can remember about 5 or 6 years ago someone like Evans or Merlin used to sell and advertise 'non slip' but stopped. I guessed this was because of fears of litigation.
Does this product finish to a high shine and is it smooth, will there be any problems advertising it as non-slip. Also how long will it last under 'normal' wear and tear and how many times can it be re-coated until it needs stripping. How many coats does it need on a bare floor and how long to dry.And the killer question "how much?".
Sorry for so many questions in one post.

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Sorry Guys

Busy day,

The No Skidding products range offer slip resistant coatings that increase the co-efficient on all types of flooring including stone, wood, painted concrete, vinyl, metal, indoors and outdoors, they can be used in warehouses, shops, factories, shopping malls airports, hospitals etc.

They include a range of floor care finishes, anti slip treaments, anti slip paints, degreasers, safety tapes and much more.

The finishes available can even be a superb shine finish,

NO skidding works by creating an invisible tread on the surface which increases the co-efficient of friction and even reduces the problem on dangerous when wet floors it will last for up to 5 years with one application.
The manufacturer state it is avalable for
Highly polished porcelain
Regular Natural Stone floors
Heavy Duty Concrete and painted floors

Effective on all natural surfaces such as ceramic, granite terrazzo, quarry tile, concrete, slate, porcelain tiles and bath tubs.

Hope this helps my apologies for the delay.

Best regards Nick

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