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Claire Wilo

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Hey you lovely people. I need a little brain storm.

Ive been a commercial cleaning business for 16 years have kept all my lovely clients in all that time. we took an a new contract with a very large company. first few months they were a little late on paying. well 15 days over my 30 day term! which is a lot for a small business although it was manageable.

Ive now not had payment since May and ready to put in my 3rd invoice with 2 outstanding invoices. I have badgered them without any reply other than a couple of emails telling me it would definitely be paid on the 30/07. still nothing.
Im ready to cease service if i dont get paid in 48 hrs but im now scared i wont get any of the money. £5500 owed!! however i cant afford to pay the girls another month. What would you do! Im really to soft with business and ive been very fortunate that the clients we have had for a long time pay with weeks of invoice. Im at my wits end and its causing me huge stress. Im about to put my final demand letter inwhich states payment to be made in 48 hours or i will cease service. probabaly should have done it sooner however I really thought the money would come through. their a huge international tech company with billions in profit. ive checked them out!. what would you do!

Jamie Biles

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I agree with above. Ring them,maybe invoices and/or your emails not been getting through or more often than not,going to the wrong person/department. Common with larger companies as they constantly restructure things and processes. Do you have a vendor number missing or something simple like that.

Jon Chrimes

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And just to keep it simple

Wont pay: make sure they have assets/income Go small claims court obtain judgement, and in your case , pay the extra, £60 quid ish and up it to High Court, send in Sheriffs.

Think they cant pay: Face to face meeting and RE-EDUCATE.

Cant pay: If they've been open about their circumstances walk away, you cant get blood from a stone. If however they're not open and claim its non of your business they immediately go back in to the wont pay box!

Jamie Biles

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Had similar issue few years back,company had turnover in excess of £2 billion a year. Work within petrol/oil industry. After take-over and many shuffling about within departments,I had enough stood my ground and outcome was weekly standing order in advance. Takes while and lot effort but worth it in end.

Andrew Bines

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Call first and speak to accounts. then inform them you are ceasing work till payments are made up to date. If no joy register with Thomas Higgins Solicitors and start the process of recovery. hard as it seems no point working for a payer like this it drags your business down, we don't get credit like this paying our bills.

Daniel Darlow

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You have got to get tough.
Imagine talking to your staff about how you cannot pay them.
They may seem a BIG BUSINESS but Big businesses fail as well as small.
Get in and get your money, start to put in a payment plan to all of your future deals.
You do work, you get paid, or you do work, and you get paid when they want to pay!
Threats of you ceasing service is not a threat, threats of you taking them to court is a threat.
Higgins first then small claims.
Dont hang about.

Jon Chrimes

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Congrats on your payment.

A good one I've seen and used on bottom of invoices.

' Please pay us promptly so we can pay them and they can pay YOU!'

A virtuous circle indeed....