Training Course Online Infection Control and Prevention Training

Ken Wainwright

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For the numb nuts ( like me ) how many shots do you get at this if you f**k up more than once or twice
Either way i'm in
This is a cut and paste from my original research:

The online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will be asked 12 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 75%. The answers are marked automatically so that you’ll instantly know whether you passed. If you don't pass don't worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.

Safe and happy learning:smile:

Mark Roberts

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If it seems valuable am I allowed get my staff to do it even though not cleantalk members. May help with confidence in current situation etc.
Will be fine, we are giving members on here a good head start, it's more about just being exclusive to here advertising wise for the moment, who you tell or invite is up to you

Eamonn OConnor

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Good morning all. Thanks for all your messages over the weekend. We need to complete some admin now as a result to get all the invoices and codes to you. I am not in the office today so Julie will be on it when she starts at 10am. If you can pay direct to our bank account that would be great. Cost is £20+vat (£24) and email us to let us know. We will then email your access codes back and you can get going. Use email: or

Thanks for patience - should have you all up and running before lunchtime