Training Course Online Infection Control and Prevention Training

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
I have been reading all the numpty comments on facebook and various pages about this and similar courses.

Yes you get a certificate

Yes you can use it on your website to promote you services.

Will it make you an expert is infection control ? No it will give you additional knowledge to help you protect yourself, your staff and your family in these worrying times.

Can you advertise that you can now kill Covid19. NO

We decided to team up and offer this as a service, it certainly doesn't make us any money, it also means you can stay home where you should be and at the same time add to your knowledge.

Best regards

Nick & Eamonn

Fintan Coll

Cleantalk Member
I just did the course yesterday. I must say I was very impressed and learned a lot. I passed the exam too, and looking forward to getting my Certificate in the post.

James Shepherd

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Sorry Eamonn. The course should not contain the wording Control.
If there was any control over the viral activity there would not be a pandemic.
Maybe management would be a better term.
It wouldn't be good to give techs a false perspective on what's actually possible in a live scenario.
They may manage a situation but control is a grand statement that's going to be hard to achieve under any circumstance. Especially in a day

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Actually James there is NO officially recognised “qualification”for infection control. At least this course is an accredited one which is more than can be said of most.

We have offered a course provided by a third party and use the information provided by them, we have also been totally upfront in terms of what this course is and what it provides