New Oreck Orbiter Green Bristle Brush

John Bolton

Cleantalker Veteran

Of the two I would prefer the CRB as it is far less likely to cause pilling on a susceptible carpet and also better prepares pile.

Mair Hunt

Cleantalk Member
John thats my preference as well. I was replying to some who don't have a CRB, but have an Oreck. I was making the point that on wool the pad is safer than the green brush in my opinion :smile:

Chris Jenner

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Couldn't agree more Nick.

That's why an orange and green one is currently somewhere between Cornwall and the Centre of the Universe to go with my black one.

Adrian Evans

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Not really related, but do people use a bonnet or brush with your oreck for encap work? and Nick, been meaning to call you and see if you sell the drive plates for the pads for an Oreck? but been rather busy recently..

Cheers.. :thumbup: