Oriental Rugs......i'm Happy To Help.

Ken Wainwright

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In your post #358 above, although not the clearest pictures, this appears to be a machine made spool axminster.

Value I couldn't comment on but I suspect it to not be great.

Craig Barber

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I have been asked by one of my customers to clean this rug, I would be interested to find out its origin (customer said she thinks it is Afghan but wasn't 100% sure) and also the value of the rug. Thanks in advance.


Robert Aigin

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Hi Craig

This looks like a Persian Hamadan rug made within the last 20 years.
I am assuming it’s about 6 x 4 feet and the retail on it would be around 5-600.
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Robert Aigin

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Hi David,

This is a fine Persian Isphahan rug. It should have a silk fringe. There is a slight change in the weave that I can see in the photo, this is probably due to a change in the weaver part way through the construction.

Nice rug though.

Robert Aigin

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The dark red has definitely run.
I hope you've pointed it out to the customer prior to cleaning and taken photo's that prove it was there.
You should either not clean this rug or clean it only at customers risk which you need in writing.
If this rug is about 200 x 150cm t would cost about £3000 to replace.

Is it worth the risk?

Jared Long

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Hi Robert

I have been asked to clean this rug and the customer would like advise on what she has inherited.

It is 4m 55 by 3m 63. She believes it to be a Persian Tabriz and has been in storage for over 55 years.

I'm presuming machine made?

EDIT: Duplicate image removed. JB.


Robert Aigin

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Hi Martin

This is a Turkoman Tekke carpet. Turkoman tribes are found in Turkmanistan, Afghanistan and Persia/Iran.
It doesn't look more than 50 years old and it is the genuine article. It is what the Pakistanis copy.
The pile and foundation should be wool. I can see it has a rewoven corner and may have others so inspect it well before cleaning.
In really good condition this would retail for around £1800.