Oriental Rugs......i'm Happy To Help.

Jon Gardner

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Afternoon, Robert.

Hope this finds you well? When you have a moment, could you let me know what you think of this?

Kind regards, Jond200641f-7477-4069-88ab-69e0564c4b43.JPGb1a62087-e0b4-4606-aa79-6de5bb7df3f0.JPG6beacff3-8f05-4839-a72b-cc2d72489b11.JPG

Robert Aigin

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Hi Jon

looks like an Indian or Pakistan carpet (photo of the back needed). The damage is from moth and it should be sprayed for moth after cleaning. I’m not aloud to recommend a product for this on here I’m afraid.
not much value secondhand, maybe 3-400 in an auction.