Oriental Rugs......i'm Happy To Help.

Jon Gardner

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Afternoon, Robert.

Hope this finds you well? When you have a moment, could you let me know what you think of this?

Kind regards, Jon d200641f-7477-4069-88ab-69e0564c4b43.JPG b1a62087-e0b4-4606-aa79-6de5bb7df3f0.JPG 6beacff3-8f05-4839-a72b-cc2d72489b11.JPG

Robert Aigin

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Hi Jon

looks like an Indian or Pakistan carpet (photo of the back needed). The damage is from moth and it should be sprayed for moth after cleaning. I’m not aloud to recommend a product for this on here I’m afraid.
not much value secondhand, maybe 3-400 in an auction.

Oliver Campbell

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Hi Robert,

A customer brought this rug to us at the end of last week. The recently brought it for £120. At first I didn't think much of it but the customer has been trying to find out more about the rug and found one that looks excactly the same (ive seen the photo) for sale at £11,000. This sounds extream for this rug but I wondered what your opinion was. Also intreasted to know anything more about the rug you might be able to tell us. We belive it came from spain but apart from that know very little.
It messures 3.14 x 2.53 meters.


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Robert Aigin

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This is a Spanish Quenca carpet.
they can be very collectible, but I wouldn’t value it at £11000.
It doesn’t look very old so I think a value of £1500-£2000 should be a reasonable replacement value. (This is not my area of expertise though)

Mark Cains

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Good morning

I am a fourth generation rug dealer with 35 years experience personally.
I have noticed lots of posts questioning the value and authenticity of rugs on this forum.
If anyone would like to make use of my knowledge of rugs I will be very happy to advise on value, and photos permitting, where the rug comes from. I will also be happy to advise the likely problems that can occur with a particular rug, such as colour run or uneven shrinkage.

The most important thing to know about cleaning rugs, is to know the ones NOT to clean. In other words, most rugs will not give you any problems, but you need to recognise the ones that will as they are the ones that will cost YOU money.

There is good money to be made cleaning rugs, and customers are happy to pay it to someone they have confidence in. I charge £30 psm for wool, and £60 psm for silk.

If you invest some time learning the basics about rugs, you will find it pays you back.

Here to help if anyone wants it.


Robert Aigin

Lawrence gonthier

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Morning Robert may I ask what is the best way of cleaning a silk rug that has heal and toe dirt /Television shuffle as I'm a Host man and don't often clean silk rugs . I am however very knowledgeable on carpet and flooring subject regards Lawrence

Robert Aigin

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Hi Martin
The first one looks like a Persian Bidjar circa 1900, retail in good condition would be around £1500.
Second one is an old Pakistan rug probably from around 1970 when the quality was good. It has no trade value, but to buy a new one today would be around £300.

Ken Wainwright

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It looks like a silk wash Chinese rug. A picture of the backing always helps too. Check carefully for mould and other damage as it's been stored. Take before and after pictures.

Keep Woolsafe with either M Power or Fabric 8 and use Crystal Rinse or Final Phase in-tank. Clean with a hand tool and be careful treating any stains as it's easy to create a brighter halo effect, I certainly wouldn't be using detergent based spotters.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile: