Oriental Rugs......i'm Happy To Help.

Oliver Campbell

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Hi Oliver
This is one that you should be able to ID as it is one you're likely to come across.
It's a North West Persian Heriz.
In good condition the retail price would be around £2500-£3000.
Thank you robert. I thought it was that sort of area but couldn't say much more than that. I did think its was more a village rug than a town rug, which seams to be true from putting Herzi into google. Thank you again for your time.

Robert Aigin

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The darker one is wool.
It is what’s known as an Afghan Kol Mohamadi. It’s new and would retail at about £200 per square metre.
the lighter rug which I think is the one you think is silk is a machine made rug probably made in Belgium. It is definitely not silk and has no real value.

Robert Aigin

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I’m never sure if the photos come out in the same order which is why I talked about the darker and lighter rugs.
often the machine made rugs are made of rayon or mercerised cotton or something else that appears to be silk.
some Afghan rugs are made with silk but not many. I can’t tell from the photo. The wool rugs usually go through a chemical wash to make the wool soft and ‘silky’.

Carl Sands

Hi Robert,

This pictorial rug has led me down an interesting path; it has a great back story in that the client has inherited it from her grandmother and told me this

“My grandparents bought it from Reza Emami who was the son of Jafar Sharif- Emami. He was the 38th prime minister of Iran. He fled Iran and lived in Exile in the USA after the Islamic Revolution in 1979.”

An Iranian friend of mine had his mother translate the text:

The first says hoshang shah
The order of Mohammed rezan khan

- I’ve found a number of Kerman pictorials along similar themes but would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

many thanks,


Robert Aigin

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Hi Carl
This is a very nice example of fine Kirman weaving. This type of pictorial rug appeals more to the Persian taste rather than European and would command a higher price in Iran.
However, it is a very nice rug and it looks in good condition it would retail in the Uk for around £6-8000.
If it can be attributed to a particular weaver or ordered by one of the Shah’s then maybe it could be worth much more………but that is beyond my knowledge I’m afraid.

Carl Sands

Brilliant Robert, thank you. Any idea on date? I was thinking early 20th century - I'm basing that on the disintegration of one or two sectors of pile due to one of the more modern dyes; can't think of the name of the one that disintegrates wool over time.

Robert Aigin

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Hi Billy

it’s difficult from just one photo to be sure if it’s origin, but it looks like a Persian Meshed circa 1920.
would need a photo of the back to be sure.
In good condition I would think it would retail at around £3000

Robert Aigin

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Hi Joseph
First one looks like an Indian Jaipur.
second one looks like a Pakistan, but it’s very hard without seeing the weave. Both are just furnishing pieces of no particular merit or value.