Oven Cleaning Caustic Users

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A stark reminder to anyone that uses caustic in the appliance or in the van.

Buy and use some ppe.. don’t do what I did today,....a particularly bad range so decided to make a very strong mix for my spray bottle. Heated appliance and applied said substance..... started scrubbing and splashed my unprotected face and eye. I have a severe burn under my eye ball and the skin on my forehead has now left me.

Also always carry an eye bath in the van, again i did not, I have been very very lucky and very foolish and I sure as heck won’t make that mistake again.

Please learn from my mistake.

Ken Wainwright

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Sorry to hear of your woes Ian.

It is often bitter experience that drives the message home so thanks for sharing your story with us.

May I add further to your advice above and suggest that it may be even wiser to include your eye bath in the kit you also take into the premises, making sure it is easily accessible, and maybe also having a second kit left in the van close to the dip tank

SAFE and happy cleaning:smile:
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