Oven Cleaning Tips

Paul Pantony

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A new section for sharing top tips and most importantly safety advice and suggestions for oven cleaners.

I will kick it off with bulbs.
If you are like me and you store spare bulbs in your van, in this cold weather if you need one to replace in an oven, take it with you into the kitchen, take it out of it's packaging and leave it on the side to warm up. They hate being turned on when cold and most go pop in seconds. It's the sudden heat of being turned on mingling with cold atmosphere inside the bulb. Meaning you can't charge the customer twice and you have just thrown a bulb away and profit by using two bulbs to replace one.
And most importantly, turn the power off! I have been zapped before on a Smeg oven where the power to the light is always live but the bulb had gone and I didn't realise, went near it with steel wool and bang, so best be sure.
Hope this helps.

Chris Carter

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That is something I have been meaning to do David. I informed a customer just yesterday the lamp cover had a crack. They asked me to order one and damn the price made my head spin.
I shall be heading to the tip tomorrow to source one.

mark entwistle

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I switched the pump on the other morning to rinse off some racks with the hosepipe and ended up with a face full of water!
The top tip.... Leave the spray gun on the end of the hose open so when it freezes overnight the water has somewhere to go as it freezes and expands, I didn't resulting in a cracked the spray gun!!!
The other option is to spend more than £2 on a better quality spray gun for the end of the hose pipe

David Woods

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I had a woman move her hamster out of the kitchen because she was worried about the chemicals, I did explain they were harmless unless she has a bird in the room but she still was worried, expensive that linen fresh but I'll give it a go, do you spray some in the oven as well?

Paul Pantony

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No, just a couple of squirts in the air. Its the first thing the customer notices when they come in and they are tickled pink with it.