Oven Cleaning Tips

Peter Ellyatt

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Dave Overton

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Take your before pictures with no light on in the kitchen then for your after pictures, put all the lights on.
Even on a bright day it gives that little bit more bling to the stainless and glass.

David Floate

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I carry a burco tea urn as a back up in case of a dip tank breakdown along with a plastic under bed drawer box from idea ! Peace of mind I always cover my a..e lady's and gentlemen !

David Floate

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Hi john yes I was, apologys my eye pad getting old ! My tea urn has a unique tap as you don't have to keep your hand on it it locks down when pouring good when your multi tasking ! I'm getting new van in August , don't know whether to keep with my manual sunroof or go for one of those roof air vents only downside to them is if you go under height restriction you can't take them off ! What system do you have ?

John Bolton

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No apology required (unless it was for typing the above post in bold - corrected).

I used to use Burco boilers in the bad old days of detergent carpet cleaning when there was no tap-hot water available. Also good for boil-washing nappies.

David Floate

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You are a man of many talents ! Sadly my unique tap system that stays down when pouring had a flying lesson when I took it out van in those strong winds ! My hat went walkies too . Now it's reduced to a dented wreck with no tap handle still heats up though !

David Wallis

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I have had a few hobs were the gas jets are partially blocked with grease/food and not even letting enough gas through to light all the way around the ring, below is a link for the perfect tool to clean out the jets (and very cheap) worth having in the van for £1.69

Ebay Link: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321532574434
Thanks Mark, just placed order for 1 as caught out today n had to use a safety pin to unblock, not ideal.

Joe Sharpe

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Newbie here. OK my tip for floor protection is puppy training pads! about £4 for 30 odd and i can reuse most of the time and very flexible and very absorbent.
I use them along with a rubber matt which doubles up as knee protection.

Oh and i spent a year training on the job by working for a oven clean company doing 4 a day 5 days a week....now working for myself i can do 8 cleans a week and earn the same money.... plenty of scope to fit more in and more money!