oven roof element screw problem

Mark Bolam

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anybody had this problem so unscrewed oven element on roof then cleaned oven roof and tried to put screw back in screw wouldnt tighten back in anybody else had this before and how to fix it

Richard Robertson

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I carry a few different sized rawl plugs which I use when this happens. Another way is to use a thicker screw. Top tip...find a spare or repair oven and strip it down. Put the bits in a box and keep it with you. They'll be a lifesaver in the jobs to come. 🙂

David Lynch

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As what @Richard Robertson says, carry some thicker panhead screws. Living on the coast, I have a few boat supply (Chandlery) shops who sell an assortment of loose screws which means you don have to buy a box. Sometimes the hole that the top element screw goes into is too big to get any screw into. I have used this type of rivnut/spidernut which allows you to screw an engineering screw into once fitted. Also you need to point out to the customer that there is a rust issue and charge for a repair. You will need some tools to ream the hole to fit one of these into and a nut, bolt, washer with a couple of spanners to make the nut spread around the hole.