Oven scraper

Tal cohen

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I’m heavy handed and need a better scraper than eBay can provide
Any recommendations
Ta to u all

Christina Daniel

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I wrap the handles of my scrapers in electrical tape. It holds the handles together OK, especially when the plastic shows first signs of cracking. I've been through so many scrapers...

Tal cohen

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Christina ,Purchased the draper one
Seems more robust than cheaper eBay ones........gona give it a good thrashing tommo!!!

Dave Overton

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I’ve bought a couple of different scrapers lately as my Personna kept breaking at the handle or getting loose holding the blades.

The Draper scraper is useless - doesn’t hold the blades.
The snapon is good although you have to tighten a screw to hold the blade which I can live with, what I didn’t realise is the size! It’s a small flat handle so not very comfortable in the hand.
I also tried some different blades away from Personna - tried American Line - do not bother, that are awful. The snap so easily.

So, blades, always had to be Personna but I’m still yet to find a great scraper that lasts.

Tal cohen

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Haha Dave I broke the draper on day one...I’ve yet to find one that can take a dam good hammering.....
I have 2 in my kit box
And 2spare in van
Just orderd snapon will report back
When i break it

Charlie Odoherty

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Afternoon everyone.
I also struggle with a scrapers durability.
Interested to find out if there is a link for the snapon scraper some of you guys are mentioning.
Cheers Charlie.

Mike Cocks

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The last couple of dirt busters scraper I had didn’t last a week handle was to brittle or I was a little heavy handed and fell to bits. Got the blue Draper one and so far so good.

Gareth Paul Williams

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Lost count of the scrappers I've been through over the last 3 years of doing this job. Had been using the blue draper scrapper but bust it on a particular nasty oven. So I've gone and spent a silly amount of money on the 3 piece blue-point scrapper kit. It's definitely a step up in quality, will let you all know how long they last!