Paul haywood

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I have just been made redundant and looking at potential franchise opportunities after 22 years in management I want to try something new, has anyone had any dealings with this company or is it better to start on your own ?
I like the idea of having someone doing your marketing etc so you can concentrate on the job in hand .


Daniel Nailor

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I looked into this when I originally started up. The initial cost to purchase and ongoing monthly fees were a rip off in my opinion.
You’re better off starting on your own part time and build a business yourself.

Ken Walsh

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I have to agree with Daniel also with a franchisee company you can only work in the postcodes that are empty you cannot pick and choose. I too looked at going with a company…….don’t bother get trained up with someone and go your own. Don’t expect to earn loads you will have to get another job or hope you can manage with less work/money for 18 months or so at least (if not more)

Paul W Johnson

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I had a meeting with these before I set up, I got the impression they could increase the management fee as and when they wanted, also initial set up cost was very expensive and that was over 16 years ago.
Go on your own best thing I ever did.

Gareth Paul Williams

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I agree with the others. You don't need a lot of money to start up by yourself, it just might take you a couple of years before you establish a good customer base and reputation. I did this as my second job for my first 2 years and now I'm full time making nice money that I don't have to share with anyone.

Billy Marsh

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I went on my on too best thing I did . I looked at oven gleaming . It is not a bad plan to work with a big company . They will send u work as u as part of a team . And as u start to get on your feet . I did not choose them as I thougt being tied down for 3 years would be a bad thing . But after 7 on my own ! To start with a company all those years ago May of helped.no load are loseing there jobs and money is being halved. So being part of a big company my also help.

Paul Dennis

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Like others have said get trained and set up on your own , it will take time to build but it takes time to get up to speed on cleans , with a franchise you will always owe them a payment even when your on holiday or off ill and the costs are in the Thousands , pick the correct trainer and you be smiling in a years times being your own boss .

Duncan McIver

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Hi Paul , go on your own , otherwise three years from now you will be frustrated at handing over money to some one else for all your hard work.
Also don't agree with doing it part time or putting a time on it before you're successful , do all the research you can do .
Then go for it full on , you soon learn

Steven Johnson

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Hi Paul,

Definitely don't go with a franchise. There are lots of people doing training now which was not the case when I started.

If you have a considerable amount of money you can invest then look at buying an existing company if there is one for sale close to you.

I have bought two and never looked back. Much better investment than spending money on a franchise and you will have work from day one.


Luke Lewis

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Don’t use a franchise, they don’t even provide you with work for the weekly fee. Just the odd job etc

Go it alone, but find someone for Trainning that can guide and support you. Get a good website Etc and you will be flying!

with the right markerting you don’t need to be starting part time, you can easily be hitting £700+ a week within months & then grow from that.

Billy Marsh

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Beware of stories tho! Fact COVID has made a lot of people to lose jobs . Also it's never easy to start a business and it takes ages to build it and maintain it. With all business it the size which make lots of money quickly . U get a per cent of a profit . Don't listen to quick and easy no such thing . U have to to want it and it takes years . Alone does work . But being part of company helps . But there no £700 a week ! People love cheap and they fight for it. Be prepared do take it slow either way .

Jon Chrimes

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Hi, I met a chap who was an Oven U franchise when working in house a couple of years ago. Hed been with them some time and was very happy.
However if you think you want your own business and have some motivation, knowledge and the ability to plan ahead your better off financially going it alone. The benefits of franchising are, in my view, short term.
Good luck with whatever you do.

Ken Walsh

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Yes the covid-19 is making inroads on less work so it’s something you have to watch. Most of my work is Reg` customers or friends/relatives etc. Yes still get new work but the bread and butter is still existing customer based. So would I invest in starting up now with lock-down all over the place………

It’s a hard call. You will not earn a profit for 12-18 months and that’s with No covid so would I keep the money in the bank or spend on new start up…it’s a 50/50 decision. Thank god I don’t need to do it

James Smith

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Just a thought , but if you go it alone then why not look into getting someone or a company to do some marketing for you , would still work out cheaper than a franchise