Darren Paterson

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I’ve got a 13inch rotary.
Have a large eot house with mostly carpet cleaning to do that also has a small area with terracotta quarry tiles in the porch & a small kitchen area with ceramic tiles that needs Deep cleaning too.
Is there an all round pad for both ? Like the xr pad for both floors or would a microfibre pad for the ceramic and a red pad for the porch be suitable?..
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Jacob Ward

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Sts 1 to 20 down and...

I would use red or white pad then both if I only had a rotary

Then grout brush the bad lines and rinse and speed dry

The terracotta needs a bit more than a clean so advise you customer you are only cleaning it.


Darren Paterson

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Just to add regarding the terracotta tiles pictured below.
I’ve told the customer it will be just a Clean on the hard floors not a restoration etc.
I plan on Using the black pad
And sts on the terracotta.

I also have some “stone cleaner” from World of Clean spare
would that bring the terracotta floor up better than sts ?
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Jamie Biles

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A clean is a clean,only thing that make will make them better is a seal.Strongly advise your client to have them sealed after cleaning.They can be incredibly porous (especially if not sealed or broken down as picture suggests)

Darren Paterson

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So I did the eot job carpets and some hard floors to deep cleaned included.
I recommended to them again once I was there that they get the terracotta tiles sealed.
The customer said yes we have discussed it and my husband is going to seal them once you’ve cleaned them.?
Anyway Sts & my rotary sucked up the sludge with the wet & dry vacuum rinsed and wiped over with a semi damp mop.
I took advice on here from a few as it’s not my area generally but it was just a clean along with the carpet so I added £150 to the quote total for the tiles.
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