Polysafe Wood fx

Tim Cornwall

Cleantalk Member
I've been asked to clean a hard floor in a nursary that had become quite grubby despite regular maintenance. . It looked a bit like laminate and the visible dark soiling is in narrow parallel grooves a couple of cm in length all over each board. I asked if they could find out what it was. I've been told it's a product called Polysafe Wood fx - it's a safety flooring product so I'm guessing the grooves are there to provide slip resistance and they have got filled with soils over time. The product is described as having clear alumininium oxide particles throughout and having a polyurethane coating. They advise not to use a cleaning product that contains polish as that would erode the slip resistance.

I've a pro35 and an orbital 17". Given the soiled grooves would I be better with brushes on the pro35 and if so which brushes. I was thinking of using STS. Any advice appreciated.