Porcelain Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Job milliner

New Cleantalker
Hi all,

how would you clean these porcelain tiles and grout, no sealant has ever been applied, the grout lines are originally meant to be a light grey.

My thinking is a red pad on a rotary and STS. Then finish off at 800psi with a wand and 14inch Gekko brush head. What are your thoughts? Also would would it be worth sealing the whole floor or just the grout lines.



Job milliner

New Cleantalker
Thanks everyone! Jacob I don’t have a pro35 only a rotary so thought I’d use this, I do have a grout brush though, I’ll go over it after with the brush.

Andrew Evans

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Thanks Peter, what strength would you recommend for the STS? Also would you only seal the grout lines or the tile also?
Grout lines are very porous, after cleaning with an acid you could after they have dried seal with an impregnating seal. The actual tiles have a glaze on them so you shouldn't seal them sometimes if they are unglazed, which is rare you could use an impregnating seal. Test by dropping a tea spoon of water onto a tile and see if it soaks in. If it does you could seal as above if not there is no need.