Porcelain tiles

Chris Woods

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Hi, this is a friend's floor, she's asked me about it. Newly laid, the light coloured tile on top is original, the rest looks dirty, dark grout, seems like the tiler has cleaned up and spread grout residue over everything. Is there a simple fix?


Jamie Biles

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Few more questions needed suspect. Have they poss got leak? Is it newly laid,did tiler attempt put some form topical seal on. Bit of odd one with uniform border near top of picture.

Alex Sommersett

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If it’s grouts haze it looks pretty well spread about, sure it’s not different batch numbers?

Sometimes with matt tile or particularly textured tile ive known lads use a sealer before grouting to help prevent hazing

Jacob Ward

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Water and a red pad on an excentr that did it last time for me

What grout was used ?
Epoxy ?
Name or brand would be helpful


Paul White

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If "someone" tried an acidic product and there was NO change at all on the test area then one would suspect that the grout may be epoxy. A simple one to find out. If it is and it looks like a textured finish then your friend (currently) needs to get the contractor to sort it and not get a friend to take ownership of the issue.

Andrew Evans

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I once had a similar issue but with a textured quarry tile. The contractor had used an epoxy grout but not cleaned up. Or tried to and just smeared it everywhere.

The issue I had was the acid used to remove the grout haze destabilised the grout which caused more issues.

It was a nightmare and took 4 times as long as it should and the result wasn't that great.

You need to do lots of tests, unfortunately no one on here can give you a definitive answer.

Chris Woods

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Thanks guys, I'll try and find out which grout was used. Happy to refer her back to the tiler if it's problematic.