Special Offer Price reduction!

John Bolton

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Thanks to the continually increasing popularity of M-Power, sales volumes have reached a level where economies can be made on production cost whilst maintaining the same high quality of product.

In keeping with the Solution ethos of Quality with Value, Nick has decided to pass on this saving by way of a major reduction in price!

See just how big this saving is at http://www.worldofclean.co.uk/index.php?categoryID=121



Jim Neal

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That's a fantastic bit of news! I get through quite a lot of MP... as they say, every little helps!

Just one note, the "Bargain Bundle" section now needs updating :wink:

Steve Porter

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Hey up Jim Bob
Do you get through a lot of M Power because you're busy or is it because you're dilluting 120 parts of MP with 1 part water? :lol:

Even more fantastic value Nick.....Nice one!
At the rate I spray that now makes M Power 0.63pence per metre square! Lovely jubbly even more profit for me :smile:

John Bolton

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Thanks Paul,

My error - with the major reduction in the price of the individual products, when Nick reduced then, he also reduced the price of the bargain bundles but because they were already so heavily discounted, the 22% was no longer valid.

As site administrator, I altered the price on the page and thought I also edited the text - which I have now done.

Paul Wallace

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Cheers John, Just thought I was going mad! I'll be putting in an order this month although I may not be going for the machine I first thought as other things have come into play but look forward to becoming a new customer this month anyway!