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Daniel Riches

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I bought a pack of theses slides off Nick and they are amazing, had to move this customers 5ft by 2ft fish tank and i was able with a little help to move the fish tank, because of theses slides.

My advice for the small amount it costs buy some.

Dan Riches
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Ed Valentine

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My back and myself would kindly agree. Nick kindly lent me a couple packs for my personal use here in the States, and I was amazed. Now, I am not afraid to tackle that moving job that The Queen (my good wife) asks of me!

At that price, everyone should have some.

The very best to all;
Ed Valentine
Yankee across the pond

Dave Roelants

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Ed I'm surprised you didn't buy them there, the're $5.99 in Walmart, bought some in Florida last week! You guys have all the deals!
Kind Regards

Ed Valentine

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Hope you had fun in our sunny State of Florida!

Your comment brought up a fairly recent memory. Last November, a Gent came stolling in and purchased 3 sets of SOLUTIONS Sliders off the shelf. We got to chatting and I asked what he did for a living. He said he was the local walmart manager! I then asked, "why, if I may ask sir, did you purchase 3 sets of SOLUTIONS Sliders?" He explained that the ones they purchase are manufactured with similar looking---but much cheaper plastic composite. In short, they break and will not slide as well as SOLUTIONS!!!

Now, I think I'll get that in writing!!--LOL.

Anyways, the cost difference wasn't that critical.

The very best, and thanks for your comment;
ED Valentine