Pricing Guidance?

Josh Kerby

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Hello all,

I have been contacted by one of my letting agents I would usually E.O.T clean for about doing a 'Light' Clean of a 2 bed flat, this is Hardwood floor throughout, inside of windows, with a finish clean on kitchen and bathroom and ensuite.

How much would you guys go under your normal E.O.T price?

Colin Nash

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Once had a property agent ask for a carpet clean. She stated that she didn't want the full magumbo, just a quick lick and a promise would do. Apparently the landlord was skint (shock)

She visited me halfway through the process and asked why there were still stains in the lounge? I said because I had done it with a lick and a promise!

She looked very disappointed, so I told her the truth. I hadn't got to the lounge yet.

The moral: They always expect the very best regardless of what the instruction may be price wise. The inspection will still be as thorough. The only real way is the right way every time. That's what she got.

Oh , and yes: It wasn't a lick and a promise price either. Didn't think that would look good on the invoice!!!

David Radley

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I have set prices for E. O. T cleans, I have one for property clean only, one for carpets only, and one for clean and carpets combined.

To be honest though I try to stay away from estate agency work, as I work for most of the big named agents in my area and payment is a pain, I give 14 day invoice and with most I'm still chasing 30 - 40 days later to much drama.

As Colin says they may ask for quick job but they always expect a great job, I charge one set price and tell them they get the platinum service because I only do my best job and don't like leaving half a job done.

That's my take on estate agency work.

Josh Kerby

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Thanks for the reply all, I've taken into account all you have said, and I think I'll go into it with my prices as they are and just see what happens. :smile:

Gary Rendall

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I do a lot of eot work for estate agents and haven't had a problem yet always paid within 2 weeks of invoice. Depending on the estate agent 1 pays me in 2 to 3 days and then another one always pays 2 weeks to the day of invoice.