Pricing: How do they do it!?

Kelly Brown

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If you’re going to work for letting agents be prepared to work cheap in order to get a volume of work. 2 to £300 per day for a lone worker isn’t bad at all.
Who said the work had to be top notch, as long as it looks clean and tidy they’re happy. It shouldn’t be hard work if you’ve got the right equipment.
We know we can do a better job but you wouldn’t try selling a rolls Royce to a farmer instead of a Subaru.
Relate your work to the customers needs and you’ll get far more work.
That's great advice. Thank you

John Gone

A company near me are advertising on Facebook a cracking deal
They will clean all of the carpets in your house, plus a sofa , plus your oven and you get a free washing machine clean
At the moment the price is £59.99
That is £10 more expensive than the call out charge for the washing machine guy to come and tell me there is nothing wrong with my machine I just put to many towels in at once 😅

pete ashton

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Hi Kelly, dont worry what others charge. Know your worth and invoice accordingly, if your work is superior you will get the work coming in. Play the long game, the bob a job brigade dont give a damn and aren't worth your worry. I built a domestic round to pay our bills and have holibobs, EOT, oven and carpet cleaning are all above and beyond what we need. Recently got back into EOT with a couple of agents and their standards are very low, i still work to my own high standards and charge qhat i want. Some jobs only take an hour, snagging but my minimum charge is £50.00 so happy with those. Keep going, you'll get there. 🙂

Trevor Ives

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YOU know how much income YOU require.
You also know how many jobs per month you can achieve.
Divide one by the other and add a good bit on and you will have your answer.
What anyone else is charging is completely irrelevant. ( Unless it is a LOT more than you, in that case - up your charges.)

Michael Warbrook

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Hi Kelly,

We only started up a couple of years ago. Firstly with a few domestic clients, this ensured a regular income. From that word of mouth was a great thing, and thats how we ended up doing EOT, builders cleans, and AirBnBs. For both the Builders and EOTs it is just a case of networking. I put together a printed brochure / file with some good example photos, and approached some local estate agents offering EOTs. It seemed to work as they could clearly see what we offered, along with meeting us in person to have a chat first. Builders cleans were very much the same idea. As we have met local builders, electricians, joiners, decorators, we have just networked. We recommend them and in turn they do the same for us. it has brought in a lot of work.

With regards to your pricing, you seem to be in the right area. These cleans take time. We have had police seized cleans which took days, and landlords were more than happy to pay for it. Our pricing model was easy and clearly explained to clients. It's this much per person per hour to clean. Carpets and ovens are then priced separately as additions. Based on either a visit or photos we can generally give a rough idea of the time it would take, always with the emphasis that this is approximate. Many of the agents understand a higher price once you have had a chat and explained what you will be doing, and about how much longer it may take to achieve the result they want. Especially if they want steam cleaning etc. We are not just a mop and bucket brigade, and our customers understand that.

We always photograph the whole property before and after. That way we can talk the agents through what has been done and the difference it has been made. They also appreciate extra feedback if you notice defects that may need sorting before reletting. For us that all worked and now get calls from agents that give us dates for several properties in one go.

The extra bonus with some domestic clients was that they also brought in many bigger cleans through their own recommendations and networks.

I hope some of this is useful.