problem with a dishwasher surface

Mitch Beadle

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New to the forum and was hoping we could get some advice please?

Did a normal routine clean today, wiped over the white goods fronts but not internally etc. Just used dettol multipurpose on the front of the dishwasher (shiny black) and was all fine and normal when we left. All the other white goods were the same brand, style and colour and all fine. Spoke to the client a couple of hours after and she was really happy, but a few more hours later and she has sent some photos with what just looks like residue in patches on the front, asking how to get rid as water isn’t working.
Popped back and managed to polish it out with pink stuff but it has taken the shine off the front and left it a little bit matte?

Any suggestions would be appreciated please?!

John Bolton

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The micro-beads in the Pink Stuff will have abraded the surface, which was already damaged by chemical reaction from the wipes.

A hard wax polish may fill the fine scratches and restore the shine or careful treatment with Peek Multi-polish might be a better option. Best thing would be to try both (Peek first) on very small areas to test