Products to get grease off cupboard doors?

Jannine Valentine

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Hi, I'm fairly new to domestic cleaning. I usually do general cleans, but some new customers haven't had their homes cleaned properly for a while. I have a couple of customers who have hard grease on their kitchen cupboard doors, more so where they've been cooking. I don't want to damage their doors by leaving scratches, or using too much water/ product, etc. One customer has cupboards that seem very porous, wooden, as though they've got no protective cover, if that makes sense. The other customer has a white finish on theirs.
What's best to use?

Also, what's good for hobs? I've tried Pink Stuff, Astonish, Cif..... nothing is working for those tough black/brown marks.

Thank you so much!

Joe Hatton

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I agree with Neil, Elbow Grease. There are now 2 or 3 products from Elbow Grease. I have used the 500ml spray to clean up the engine compartment in my car. Use microfibre cloths along with Elbow Grease as well.

Colin wilson

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We used to clean EOT for a housing Ass and omg the cupboards were thick with grease. Elbow grease is good but remember the dwell time will make your life easy. Spray and leave for a good few minutes. You may want to invest in a good scraper. I've always found pink stuff or astonish to be good enough for the hob and a non scratch sponge then buff with a microfibre cloth. Again leave it to sit.

Tim Cornwall

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I used APC the last time I did an EOT and it worked really well both on greasy kitchen cupboards and other surfaces. I understand that if you allow a ten minute dwell time it works even better.
Ive used a general degreaser before but it wasn't suitable for all surfaces and wasn't good if it came into contact with your skin.

Trevor Acheson

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Deep cleaned a 31 seater bus seats. The company asked about cleaning the plastics on the interior to bring it up again. Would APC be suitable? To clean and bring it up to closer to how it would have looked when new or at least enhance it a good bit