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Technical Information / Product Description
PROTECT Stone©, An Impregnating Nano-Based Flurochemical Protector for all porous stone flooring including absorbent tile and also grouting.​


PROTECT Stone© is a nano-based intelligent anti-stick-coating for all porous stone flooring including absorbent tile and also grouting. It is suitable for use on interior flooring only, and is not a permanent treatment or a totally waterproof coating!

It offers improved resistance to both water and oil based soiling, and also against spills for up to a year after treatment. Longevity of treatment is dependent on the working environment and also on following the correct maintenance. Re-treat the floor when spills no longer bead up on the surface!

The treatment does not guarantee complete protection from staining as some spills can contain strong food dyes, and also aggressive chemical compounds that can penetrate the treatment. These can also alter the physical structure of natural absorbent floor tiles leading to possible permanent staining!


PROTECT Stone© is supplied ready to use and can be applied by an electric or pump up pressure sprayer. Ensure that the sprayer is completely clean and free of any chemical residue; otherwise protection will be reduced or even ineffective.

Pre-test the surface for suitability of treatment and observe for any detrimental effects. Ensure that the surface is clean and free of soiling prior to treatment. Highlight, any existing staining with your customer that did not respond to cleaning prior to treatment with PROTECT Stone©.

As an impregnating product, PROTECT Stone© will not adversely affect the appearance of the floor, or reduce its natural slip resistance. A slight darkening of the surface may occur during treatment, but upon drying this should return to normal. However, there are exceptions and these can be contributed to the previous cleaning history, and or residues being present from previous cleaning or protective treatments.

Apply an even application at walking pace with a pressure sprayer fitted with an 8001 fan type spray nozzle. Spray approximately 12” from the surface and avoid drips and pooling, then allow to penetrate for 10-15 minutes. Finally mop off excess with a clean dry and lint free floor mop. Microfibre flat mopping systems are ideal for this purpose. The surface should be touch dry within an hour.

For maximum protection we recommend that 2-3 coats are applied as above, therefore 5 litres of ready to use PROTECT Stone© will cover approximately 50-125 m2 of flooring depending on absorbency with three coats.

Please allow 48 hours to fully cure and do not subject the surface to heavy traffic during this period.


PROTECT Stone© should only be applied on clean, dry and chemical and detergent free residue-free surfaces!

We recommend that the flooring is cleaned prior to treatment with Solution STS, Stone, Tile & Safety Floor Cleaner diluted for restorative cleaning. Always rinse the floor with fresh water and allow to dry prior to treatment with PROTECT Stone©

Once the floor has been cleaned correctly and treated with PROTECT Stone© our Solution STS, Stone Tile & Safety Floor Cleaner© can be diluted for maintenance cleaning from 1:50 up to 1:400. This can be applied by mop & bucket or through floor cleaning equipment. Change the mopping solution as it becomes soiled to avoid redeposition of soils and allow the floor to dry before re-use!

Do not maintain the treated floor with detergent based products or strong household cleaning chemicals such as bleach, as this will render the treatment ineffective and possibly even stain the floor.

PROTECT Stone© is VOC free, water-based and non-hazardous flurochemical nano-based coating and is free from aromatic/aliphatic solvents. It has very low toxicity to fish and is not classified as dangerous for supply or transport. Please refer to the relative Health and Safety Information, safety and risk phrases (if necessary), which are indicated on the package and in our EC Safety Data Sheet. Keep out of the reach of children.

£68.98 for 5-Litres plus VAT and delivery. Available to order next week.

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