Chris Ashurst

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Nano trolley advice needed please..

I was just about to purchase the Pure Freedom Nano trolley when I stumbled across a recent YouTube video review which questioned the build quality, also the reviewer mentioned the handle kept slipping due to there only being one screw on one side to fasten the handle in place. He also mentioned that the V16 controller was a nightmare with having to constantly calibrate it.

I'm only just starting up and would rather start with a trolley than a backpack. I know this trolley is highly rated on the forums but was wondering if maybe the quality isn't as good as once was. I spoke to someone at Pure Freedom and they said they no longer do the stainless one, and the only colour they now do is grey due to them being too busy. Not that colour is important but on their Facebook last year they raved about the stainless Nano selling like hotcakes but 12 months later it's no longer available?

Any thoughts/advice regarding the Nano is much appreciated.
Also, if there's any other trolley system available that you'd recommend other than the 45l Xline as I think that would be too heavy and awkward.

Many thanks

Lee Murphy

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Hi Chris, I am too looking a new trolley, but just the trolley and wheels so I can put put on my own analogue controller etc. Through 15 years of window cleaning I found the original pure freedom trolleys to be good, hopefully the handle won't be a problem on the nano. I did check that video out after reading your post. the digital controllers that I have had ( 4 of them ) have all packed in, Im not sure why, others I hear have had no issues with digital, but for myself, for the last 6 years I will only use analogue controllers they have had no issues, easy calibration. it might be worth considering as an alternative? you would have to see what others say too. By the way there are a few self build DIY trolleys on you tube. because there are only a few components they seem not too complicated to build. thanks lee