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Query about buying leather

Marcus Higgins

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I'm looking to purchase a leather suite. Could anyone give me some guidance on where to get a good quality leather sofa set (maybe Chesterfield but open to other styles) that is A. of a good durable quality and B. Not ridiculously expensive! I've been looking at lots of websites and in stores and, like fabric sofas, there never seems to be much information regarding the type of leather. Mostly the sofas are just sold as 'real leather' or 'leather' when what I want to know is - aniline, semi-aniline, pull-up, pigmented etc... I don't even mind buying used and then cleaning/restoring myself once I've done the course. Many thanks.

Ian Hare

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Source: Private retailer. Family business, rather than the chain stores.
Type: Personal taste will dictate. Try before you buy. Aniline is the best but more expensive, and needs more care. A protected Pigment finish is better if children or pets are going to be around.

Mark Sutcliffe

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I wouldn't buy aniline, I have 2 kids and 2 dogs, get destroyed.

I've started doing repairs for an insurance company with a huge stockpile of aniline ones which have stains and spills on.

Harveys, cousins, have been where I have bought my last 2 from. Check the sides to see if they are full leather (should be pretty hefty), if it's light then it's possibly bonded.

Daniel Darlow

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OK. So, I will now put my Salesmans hat on. 35 years of selling these bloody things would of had a rub off!.
Number 1. It is not all about the fabric/style/look, it is about the COMFORT. You are the one that is going to be sitting in this thing for 'hopefully' an evening =4 hours a day, whatever it is made from it NEEDS to be COMFORTABLE!
Number 2. You NEED to go into a store and try out these things, (Agree with Ian, a family retailer would normally give you above and beyond service. Take a book, sit in the sofa and wriggle about for 30 mins, just like a bed purchase, you DO NOT GO UP TO IT AND PRESS THE EDGE AND SAY 'THAT SEEMS FIRM ENOUGH!' You need to test it.
Number 3. Interogate the Salesman. Ask about the frame manufacture, what wood is used, what options of interior fillings, if he cannot answer you walk away, they are not worth their salt.
Number 4. The Salesman should be ASKING YOU what the sofas are going to be used for, Family use, kids, pets, etc. etc. Your choice of colours fabrics come into it now, and he/she can advise. Pigmented Leather good for family use, Aniline for more luxury /cosmetic scene. Advise on Protection situations treatments etc. Ask for a sample and do a few tests of your own.
Number 4. Interest Free credit is paid for somewhere, mostly within your suite! If its a named brand you can price compare. Be wary of chinese imports.

Joe Hatton

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I see Daniel says you need to go into a store and try it out.
We were looking to buy, went into a store, tried various suites out but kept coming back to one in particular. A salesman, actually the shop manager, came to us, sat with us. We were very happy with that suite, so we just sat there and conducted a deal, including sorting the paper work, delivery (made to order), payment, the whole lot. All sat on the suite we chosen, mone of this “just step into the office whilst we do the paperwork. That impressed us as much as the suite itself. Didnt want to leave!