Neil Wilde

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The oven cleaners I know are still insanely busy. Every month is like December.

1) What city/areas do you cover?

2) How long has your business been going?

3) How is your online presence and advertising?

Steven Johnson

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I find calls always die off a bit as soon as the kids start back the 1st week. If you have been going 5 years do you not have a call back system in place for redos.

No idea why people spend a fortune on advertising if you have been going a long time.

Just get your customers mobile numbers and send reminders its free šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

Steven Johnson

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This business is all about repeat customers and recommendations. Once you have done a job why wait for them to call you. Just ask if they want a text reminder in 6 or 12 months. That is cheaper than trying to find new customers.


John Allton

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In my first year self employed already have a small selection of re cleans but not enough to cover the year although i only do 3 days a week 3 cleans a day other than Range Days were i will only do a single after the Range. It is my intention to send a reminder to all those i have cleaned this year to see what re cleans come back?.

Mark Bolam

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dont get me wrong i got lots of regular customers but need more i notice in my area oven support and my oven clean are always in top 3 positions on google ads

Duncan McIver

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Hi Mark , as i don't advertise i have no idea what Top 3 on google ads means. Not a lot if you're quite .
As been said before , after every job ask the customer if they would like a call back in 6/9/12 months time , that way you can build a proper database theres no point on having a database if you cant use it.
Once started you can they work out when your quite periods are and then offer call backs to fall in that month. If you're quite in September then tell your customers in January that the average wait is 9 months and the ones in February that its 8 months ect ect and you will soon stop the quite periods