Reach & Wash Van Essentials

Rob Richardson

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Hello Cleantalk Members,

We're new take it easy :thumbup:

I have recently built a new reach and wash van system which I am very proud of, an RO filtration system including a DI resin vessel producing high quality 000PPM water, tried and tested we're happy with the results so far.

My question is to those experienced van mount users, what additional chemicals and products are you carrying with you - any helpful recommendations would be appreciated.

Daniel Paton

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A spare of every connector and fuse. A trolley that can also be used as a van mount should the need arise. I still carry trad gear and a ladder too. A ladder m8 & stand-off, pro gutter tools, two 5m Harris poles, gutter vac. A bottle to p**s in should the need arise. Bleach, fairy liquid, pink stuff, A couple of different degreasers. 12v chemical sprayer.
In the cab there’s always 2 litres of irn bru and various bars of chocolate and crisps. Normally a star bar and beef monster munch. That’s pretty much my essentials although I’ve probably missed a few.
PS that can all change daily too if there’s pressure washing or carpet cleaning involved that day.

Daniel Paton

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A 2 litre milk bottle. New wardour castle is getting its quarterly clean starting Thursday. It’s a 2 man three day job. Two days outside and a day on the roof doing the tons of windows and skylights up there that can’t be reached from the ground. There must be a million toilets in the place and no public ones. A pee bottle is essential for the outside days as is a clear space in the back of the van. The roof day we have to go out a bathroom window to get to part of it so there’s the chance for a sneaky one there lol.
Pink stuff is a mild abrasive paste made by stardrops. It’s just a cheap version of astonish paste that used sparingly is brilliant at getting all sorts of marks off upvc. Poundstretchers sell it for 99p and it’ll last forever.

Jacob Ward

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To add to the list
A small but comprehensive toolbox of spanners and grips
as well as some cable, box of o rings, washers. For fix on the go !!
Some silicone amalgamating tape.
1 spare fitting each.
First aid box
Fire extinguisher
High viz jacket
Spare pair of socks and a waterproof jacket.
Warning signs and a few cones.

2 John west tuna light lunches.
( love them )


daniel crouch

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I’ll give that a go the pink stuff not the milk bottle lol .

Years ago I remember an old shiner had a small chemical toilet in back of his van we used to take the mick . But it’s never funny if your caught short !

Daniel Paton

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Probably because every window cleaner in the country clears poundstretchers shelf when they get it in John. There’s people on eBay sell it but it costs more.

Brian Barber

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Even if it’s a small starter set up, make it a 2 man system,
The day will come when you can’t get the pump to work, or any other electrical problem will arise, ie air lock, DE readings etc
Then simply plug in to the other pump start work and you will realise what a lifesaver that was...

Mr B