Removing blood from Grout?

Sean Wilson

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Hi Guys

Been asked to attend a finished crime scene where I’m told is about a pint of blood on a kitchen tiled floor. This has not yet been wiped up and I have absolutely no clue what type of tiles until I get there.My only concern is the grout may have absorbed some of it.

Would this be a tricky job?

I have a Excentr 43 “which hoping I wont need” Groutmaster or blaster whatever it’s called. Also plenty of STS.

I have done tile flooring training but not for specific stains.

Any tips for this one?


Jon Chrimes

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I guess it could depend on if the grout is sealed or not. If yes then happy days the blood should shift easily. If it's not shifting I'd try rust remover ( testing first) .
Like I said, just a guess.
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Ian Hare

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Apply the thought process you would normally use for blood re product and temperature. :cool: