Removing Stain from Bath ???

Adam Waymouth

New Cleantalker
Thank you was previous cleaner and not sure what it is. Not smooth feels like on top but can’t get it off

Angela Chapman

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Hi there Adam, this might sound really random but someone suggested to me to use a Pumice Stone. Best advice i ever got. They are brilliant for removing limescale from toilet bowls and baths. I've never had a scratched surface using them. I use them in ovens too. Just test it on a small area first, like most cleaning stuff. I was nervous at first thinking it would scratch, but it did the job. Hope the link works.


Sam Brook

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We've come across a few sinks/baths like that lately. Spray a mild acidic cleaner on it, leave to dwell for 5 minutes or so, scrub with a non scratch pad. Repeat process if necessary. Usually works.

Jamie Biles

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Try white vinegar. Is it only one bathroom fitting? There is slim chance their pipes are slowly corroding depending on water hardness for that area or plumbing.