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Repair Shop.........Thank You!

Daniel Darlow

Cleantalk Member
Since the beginning of the TV progamme The Repair Shop, my business has boomed.
I have seen so many bag repairs, from ancient cricket bags, to backpacks that have been to Everest.
Cases that have seen WW1 and WW2, Suitcases that have so many travel stickers on them from days gone by.
Ancient Bus ticket cases, German Submarine binocular cases, Writing slopes from the 30's.
Everyday something new, this programme is a real tear jerker when you see someone reunited with a loved item.
I have the same situation with what I do now.
Covid has sorted out what I want to do now in my dwindling years. I do not want to be running around sorting out sofa and chair problems, recolouring dodgy grease problems, recolouring c**p chinese leather.
I am now happy. Small is beautiful. Stuff comes to me. My logistic problems are solved... I dont travel.
The work is so diversified, after my excellent LTT Leather training, plus my own training in stitching and leather work, it has provided another business. I only wish I started many years ago!
Today has for example brought in 2 jobs.
An unusal jacket, needs cleaning, repairing and and re-lacing, from Canada!
A 1930's music case, needs restoration, but at the clients request,only to a certain level. The client, a top level film Orchestrator and Conductor.
It must be a joy to work with other like minded soles in the Repair Shop, but I am quite happy to be on my own