Risk Assessment Template Needed

Nick walklin

New Cleantalker
Hi guys, i dont suppose anyone has a commercial carpet cleaning risk assessment template for offices they could bounce over to me,
I spent 2 hours attempting to find the one i had on my hard drive πŸ˜•
it would be a very appreciated xmas present πŸ˜€πŸŽ„


Jamie Biles

Cleantalk Member
Have you ever emailed it to a commercial client? If so,search your sent emails. Download it again to yourself,into a PDF editor if necessary.

Nick walklin

New Cleantalker
I did try that Jamie, but the last time I had to send one off was over a year ago, and i couldn't locate it anywhere, i seem to have lost a few important things on my laptop unfortunately.☹ thankyou tho πŸ‘