Rough guide price for builder and sparkle clean

Lottie Glossop

New Cleantalker
Hi I'm looking for rough guide prices for what company's would charge for builders and sparkle cleans, I've done a few before on a small scale self employed and gone for an hourly rate, as I now have more staff I'm not sure what the best way to price a job up would be (so much easier to price if im doing the work!) I've been told m2 is a good way to charge but what prices to and from is acceptable, I know this industry is hard at times and the work almost always drags on so how would I go about making sure I have a correct price so I don't end up out of pocket? Would I price per job, per m2, per hour? A walk around would prevent a lot of wasted time to ensure I know what my staff need to pay extra attention to etc.