Rubber mats

Simon J Richards

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We have cleaned some rubber mats in a gym. We pre vac, prespray, agitate,and finally we used wet and dry vacs and not our Jag machine because we were not sure how the jag would do on rubber mats,there were carpet cleaners who mentioned about any crap could go in the vac. When the mats have dried they don't look like they have been done even though the water in the vacs was filthy. If anyone could let us know what could we do,even if we had to scrub each one by hand we would do it.

Jacob Ward

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What did you spray onto the rubber mats ?

What type of rubber are they made of and/or component parts ?

There are many types of rubber....

Could it be that it's their natural colour.

I regularly do some, the real difference is when you look it on an angle over daylight.


Jacob Ward

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I don't understand about crap into the machine...

If you have whizzed a Henry across it before introducing something wet you wont have a problem

If the mats are black (black rubber) and you cleaned them they should still be black.
You need to rinse them as there should be a textured surface on it, a wet vac wouldn't get it all recovered.

Try a wand with a glide on it and angle so the wand is sucking air halfway, and not all locked onto the mat

With photos if possible can you elaborate on this problem of them not looking clean ?