Rug Cleaning Grid

Ian Morton

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Hi All

Just wanted to share this as I’ve got a customer on Monday who wants various sized rugs cleaned after the carpet cleaning is completed...

Grids, what to get and where...???

On Amazon I found UK manufactured earth/grass surface reinforcement grids for the best price anywhere (for the exact same product) was more cost effective to bulk buy so I did 40x of them arriving in 2x boxes of 20 all for £91.88 including delivery...

The photo shows the size of 2x complete grids made up of 6x individual grids that interlock...this is an ideal size to stack on their side in the van and the place them side by side to match the size of whatever rug is to be cleaned...

I’m going to try using my TileMaster 40 with a white polishing pad and run it over the back of each rug with thick transparent polythene between it and the rug to vibrate to soil out of the rug as I don’t have a proper Badger or the like (with a SEBO BS36 as back up to vibrate the rugs)....Just a wacky idea based upon the premise that the tremendous vibration the TileMaster 40 produces will do the trick...!!!

Ian Morton

Cleantalk Member’s just an experiment to test the TileMaster idea out that struck my two brain cells some time ago when I was looking for an alternative solution to a bona fide back dusting machine... :thumbup:

Jacob Ward

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Good reasoning Ian

However I dont think the vibrations are the right kind.. or not strong enough.

Someone will correct me I'm sure


Ian Morton

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Further to my original posting on my new rug cleaning grids...

As I don’t have a Badger or the like to back beat a lovely 2 x 3 M 100% New Zealand wool rug I decided to test out my theory that a suitable orbital machine might be an alternative solution whereby it’s vibrational action if run over the back of a rug would loosen and release soil to then fall through my grid...

so...I covered the rug in question with a thickish polythene sheet (from Wickes) and then used my TileMaster 40 machine with its white polishing pad to glide over the back of the rug on the polythene sheet...

It worked very well, and I shall use this method again as it did indeed release a substantial amount of trapped soil...zinc this case more like sand (from Dubai) as the owners were living in Dubai for 6 years...

Hopefully the photos show each stage...

So there you have it...anither use for our orbital hard flooring machines...

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Peter McDougall

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These grids are a handy tip. I'm just setting up a unit specifically for Rug cleaning as doing them outdoors in Scottish weather has been proving a challenge. I had been looking at building a grid from timber and using steel grids which you can buy from Amazon but these are a great ready made alternative.

Now for the wash pit.. :smile:

Ian Morton

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...the original design is for reinforcing lawn and gravel surfaces so they are well suited for use as a grid for rug cleaning, made in the UK, lightweight and extremely robust...

Much, much lighter than metal grids...something to ponder...
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Paul White

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And you could try and pick up a cheap second hand milk float to load them on and hire an assistant to drive behind to the job. Should have everything set up apart from the crates before he arrives.