Rug with 80% pp 12% cotton and 8% viscose...shaggy pile. No stains just a freshen up, low moisture spray? Rotary and then speed dry?

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Hi Richie

I don't see any issue, as long as you pre test, I'm not sure I would rotary clean though as it has some viscose, and is a long pile, I would be more inclined to extract and speed dry.


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Ken Wainwright

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As Nick says, no rotary with viscose in the pile, it will be easily damaged.

Polyprop does not absorb or wick moisture well so can be slow drying if overwet with pre-spray or rinse. Viscose and cotton, being very absorbent, may draw the water from the polyprop and be slower drying, possibly leading to cellulosic browning, so an acid rinse is essential.

Force dry

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:
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Andrew Evans

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Drying and dry soil removal are the biggest issues with this type of rug, try to keep the moisture low and try to dry quickly.

Really thorough vacuuming is essential, if there are any pet issues, unless you have a dedicated drying room I would personally walk.

Richie Mill

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Thanks everyone, I used the magic brush to agitate after a light pre spray....and then dri pod for about 45 mins.
The customer was my future mother in law...she was happy and cooked me a roast
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Ian Morton

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...Magic Brushtastic...!!!

Love that product, so useful...!!! :thumbup:

Another great product from Solutions...

or should I coin another new marketing phrase...’SolutionSolved’...!!! :yaa: