Andrew Evans

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Remus good luck with that one, You will be lucky to get anything out of it by back dusting. I would get a tub vac and vacuum thoroughly with the nozzle.

Don't promise great results and rinse carefully.
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John Bolton

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If the weather is fine you could take it outside and clip it upside-down to the nose of a snail blower.

The rippling produced will help shake out some grit and you can help further with a carpet beater whilst the blower is doing its' bit.

Vacuum as Andrew suggested or use your extraction machine with a dust-downer.

There is a particular technique whilst extraction rinsing but that requires a demonstration.
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Remus R Lungu

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the pile was pretty solid but to be safe I pre sprayed with a pet treatment(customer was worried about dig smell)
drift extracted 4 ways
all good
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