Safety floor help required please

Donna Ward

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Hi I would appreciate advice if possible. I have a Karcher scrubber dryer 30/4C and a Motorscrubber machine. I have Polyflor safety flooring in my work which has ingrained dirt (see left pic) as opposed to right pic when it was new. I use the motorscrubber with melamine pads every so often which does lift a lot of the dirt off but keeping on top of it is a nightmare as people don't use the scrubber dryer every day. I've bought STS after seeing amazing results on here and was thinking about hiring a crb machine. Do you think this would work if I dilute the STS to 1:20 and how long should I leave it on for? Or should I use the motor scrubber with a red pad instead? The motor scrubber is quite small so does take time. I would rather try and tackle this myself and keep on top of it to keep the floor looking decent. If the crb would do the trick I would invest in one but I would rather try one out first as I've spent a bit of money on these 2 machines and feel I'm still not getting the desired results. If someone is near Glasgow and feels they could do the floors for me please reach out thanks. I have a big inspection coming up very soon so I need the place in tip top condition thanks
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Jamie Biles

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I'd also add to maybe let us know how it's mopped etc at present,that will have a key impact on the future,as if not done properly eventually they just stopping dirty water about. Maybe invest in microfiber flat mop system and make sure you start mopping from the cleanest parts first not other way around etc