Samsung Single, double door oven

Curt Holl

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Hi all,

Came across this single double style door in a Customers' house today. The oven insides I have no problem with, however, he wants the crud in between the door glass cleaning. Just wondering if anyone has come across this oven and has successfully cleaned between the glass?

I've been cleaning ovens for nearly 10 years and have never come across this type of door before.



David Lynch

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Had one of these a couple of years ago which stumped me. The manufacturers say to use a stick with a towel/tissue to clean inside.


Steven Johnson

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Same problem I have been cleaning for 15 years and came across one the other day. No idea at all how to do it so just explained that to the customer and left it.

My attitude might be wrong but if the customer is daft enough to buy one of these crap cookers it's there problem..

Not gonna take the risk of taking loads of screws out when they are a door you will probably never do again.

Harry Abernethy

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about 20 screws, and a seperating hinge, took me 2 hrs to work it out 2 weeks after first starting up. if you see a screw take it out :P

if you get left with one at the end hide it hahah