'Save a grand in 24 hours' oven clean.

Joe Sharpe

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Anyone see it?
'Peachy' showed how to save money and clean your oven........
Best advert for oven cleaning ever.
She set a stop watch for 6 hours, took the grills to the bath tub to soak...
Left baking soda and white vinegar on the glass etc and left to soak for 2 hours.....

And result?
Crap looking oven.

The segment should of been called "why you should pay to get your oven cleaned."

Joe Sharpe

Cleantalk Member
Well Peachy was the woman doing the segment, why should you be supposed to know who she is?
Who cares?
Point is, if you tell someone they can do it themselves and proceed to say use your bath tub, takes 6 hours etc, it actually sells getting an over cleaner.

The bath tub is not a bad idea, it is basically just a heat tank anyway, but do people really want to bathe after knowing their oven racks were in it.... i don't think so.

But yes, van mounted bath tub is genius. Not sure why i didn't think of that.
You can even get small bath tubs used in small hotel rooms.... i'm going to look for one out of interest.