School cleaning

Roxi craciun

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And the company says ;

they keep changing what they want doing and when, we cant do it in time. They keep wanting extra things doing and the cleaners are trying to catch up in the allocated time. The school wont extend the time or pay for any over what we quoted on the contract.

The school provides all equipment, we keep saying we need this and that but it doesnt arrive....

Been there done that.

Many thanks for your reply. Yes it's a possibility, will just have to wait and see if they decide to go ahead. If not won't be too disappointed :smile:

Roxi craciun

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classic story of the tail wagging the dog. treat the customer firmly or walk away. They need to define what it is exactly that they are trying to achieve. Ask the closing question 'What is it you are trying to achieve ?' then SHUT UP, the first person to speak will lose control of the situation. If they say something like the old cleaners were unreliable, ask them to define how they let them down so you know exactly how you can go about giving the customer the improvement they want (when they say unreliable they may just mean that when the cleaners turn up they ask them to do other jobs, thereby not allowing enough time to carry out their normal cleaning effectively). e.g. If the latter information were the case, we can ascertain that the problem lies with the customer and not the cleaners. See how it works?
Yes I found them really weird in their approach and never encountered so much secrecy when discussing a contract. Will have to wait and see if they decide to go ahead but if not I won't be too disappointed :smile:

Jacob Ward

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This is the game businesses play.

The best site supervisors I worked with was 2 chaps who told me the prices I was competing against.

Most of the time I couldn't match or beat the price.

Take this as a learning experience.

Judging by the replys you have had from other members, you are not the only one in this situation


Jake Killey

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Over estimate because that’s a lot of meterage and boxes to tick every morning, Then if they say no, it’s no skin off your back. I would quote 3 people for 3 hours @£15 an hour. But can you get access at 5 am and do you want the commitment of getting up at 4am 5 days a week? Can their budget cover £2500 a month cleaning? Throw it their way but we don’t do favours, we are businesses.