School Flooring With Scuff Marks

Callum Blest

Cleantalk Member
Hi as a newbie into this area of the business I have been asked to clean a school floor which has black scuff marks on. I have a 450rpm scrubber machine. Having done a test on the floor with pdq (cleaner/maintainer) and the red, blue, green pads they won’t lift. I’m doing something wrong I guess and would love to hear people advise on what colour pads/chemicals would be best to use. Thank you all

Nick Robertson-Vousden

Solution World of Clean
Red or black pad and STS, to be honest a 450 rpm machine is for maintenance and polishing a slow speed machine with a little more weight would be a good idea. the chem you are using will add a coating, the opposite to what you need.

The correct equipment and cleaning solution required.