Silk Rug

Conal Nugent

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Got this one to clean. Never encoutered silk before. This ones a beaut. Roughly 6ft x 5ft.

Can anyone give me more info on it? Value? Thanks







Steve Porter

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Very nice!
Think your measurements are way out f that door is a standard 2ft 6?
Looks just under 5x4 & at a guess around £2-2.5K from new but no idea on resale value
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Robert Aigin

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I’m confused.
There appears to be two rugs here. In the last picture the rug has a turquoise blue border, but in the others it is brown.
Anyway, it/they look like Persian Kashan and the side would most likely be either 180 x 120 or 150 x 90.
I would say Stephens valuation is spot on.
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Carl Sands

I'm laughing my head off here. Robert, the last rug is an image of one that I have in my warehouse for cleaning - I sent it to Conal to show him my test patch! He must have confused the two :P
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