Silk Rug?

Adrian Collicutt

New Cleantalker
First time cleaning a silk rug tomorrow. I’ve read the available things on line but was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for me?

Ken Wainwright

Cleantalker Veteran
Hi Adrian, and :welcome:

A great question to ask as so many technicians think that rug cleaning is just the same as carpet cleaning. It's not!

As John says above, silk is problematic for an experienced and trained technician. For someone untrained and unexperienced it could be a worst nightmare.

Just as an example, it could be silk or art silk. Two VERY different fibres.

Will you be able to tell the difference?

Do you have the tools for post-cleaning treatment? This can take more time than the actual clean itself.

Please, don't be tempted to learn how to do it off something like youtube, you may not be qualified to differentiate between good advice & practices and the bad.

If in doubt, walk.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

Adrian Collicutt

New Cleantalker
Thank you John I am rather nervous about it. I plan on visiting and taking photos and enquiring for more advice as they want a double oven clean as well so the trip won’t be wasted.

Adrian Collicutt

New Cleantalker
Thank you ken. I won’t attempt to clean until I have received more training on the subject, last thing I want to do is wreck it. Will post photos of rug tomorrow.