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George Langley

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I’ve taken on a regular customers silk rug and cleaned it. My process was as follows:

Pre-Vacuum, starting on the back and then flipping over.

Carried out a burn test to confirm that it was silk, pre tested M-Power, crystal rinse and standard micro splitter for colour migration, wetted out a very small area of both solutions and let it dry and the pile restored absolutely fine.

Light misting of M-Power with a 15 minute dwell, agitated in the direction of the pile with a hand mitt. I then extracted with the Mytee dry with crystal rinse in the tank, tooling in the direction of the pile and then ragged off immediately. I was still getting a small amount soil transfer so misted standard mircosplitter and kept ragging off until there was no transfer.

This was my first silk rug so I think it’s gone well, I wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were on the small spillage from the customer which has marked the rug and to see if there’s anything else I can do.

Thanks in advance.


Ken Wainwright

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That all sounds fine to me George. Nice job:thumbup:

Your detailed description of procedure is one approach which only you can decide from your hands-on assessment.

To take it up a small level, a slightly heavier-to-normal application of M Power could be fine (subject to testing) but the drying time may be extended. Crystal Rinse is an ideal product as would be Final Phase.

Agitation could also be raised a little too. Using your Mitt or an Upholstery Tampico Brush, you could agitate the pile East to West slightly more "aggressively" but with a very light touch, before grooming in the correct direction prior to the "with pile" action of your rinse tool.

Even then, depending on the variables, you may still recover some residual soil onto your drying towel.

Safe and happy cleaning:smile:

PS I struggled to find the small spillage. Would it be a beverage stain in the top right corner?
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George Langley

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Thank you for the above, Ken.

The spillage is zoomed in on the secondary half of the uploaded photo. The photo uploaded is two photos in one.

On the main photo, it's in the bottom right corner, where the main pattern of the rug is.

I see what you mean about the top right, it does look slightly different shade under the camera.
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Robert Aigin

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The spill looks like red wine to me. Red wine dries blueish purple. No advice on cleaning, others on here are better than me at that.
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