skittle alley clean [lots of beer dried and sticky].

Graham fallows

Cleantalk Member
Just spent seven hours today cleaning 67 sqm of slate tiles in the bar areas, then upstairs function/skittle alley room, i mixed up shockwave to deal with the black cap around the bar area.
I had some shockwave left so i cleaned part of the wooden flooring leading to the bar area, spray down shockwave dwell time then crb then wet extraction with final phaze when the landlord turned up and saw the clean area of wood he said when you come back tomorrow to seal the slate tiles clean the rest of the skittle alley i told him i dont normally clean wood he said it looks good to me, plus at the end of the year after the season he is going to have it sanded and sealed.
So guys is there any thing else that might cut though it better and is it best to use a rinse afterwards or just plain water, once cleanded i install industrial blowers to dry faster thankyou as always graham.