Sky Vac 85 - Gutter Attachments

Leon Taraborelli

New Cleantalker
Hi All,

I have agreed to buy a good second hand Sky Vac 85 (side cyclone) for a very good price, all that is needed is a hose and some vac poles with attachments. I have been looking at the Sky Vac attachments and they seem ridiculously expensive! Does anyone have any alternative setups that uses the Sky Vac which would save a bit of money on buying an attachments kit that fits? I have a carbon fibre pole set although I would like to keep this for the internal high level cleaning if possible.

Jacob Ward

Cleantalker Veteran
If you want to keep a setup for internal high level cleaning fair enough.

Can you use 1 set for gutters and for internal cleaning, possibly.

Why not have the vac,hose and adapt your poles to fit with. Reducer cuff etc.